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Once upon a time, there were two rabbits: Buster and Bunnie. They fell in love, got married, and made a home for themselves in the lovely Upstate of Greenville, SC. Life was good. Carrots were plentiful. And joy abounded. There was just one small problem: stress. Their lives became hectic and busy. There was no rest in the thicket. Making ends meet was a full-time job. As a result, they craved relief. They wanted something, anything!, that would provide relief, ease their minds, soothe their bodies, and replenish their energy. They came home and shared a glass of carrot juice and dreamed up the perfect solution—they would make bath balms and soaps to nourish and replenish their bodies and make them feel better inside and out. And thus began their life’s mission:
To provide a nourishing collection of health and beauty products to restore mind, body, and soul.

Swamp Rabbit Suds is Committed to Making You Feel Better

Swamp Rabbit Suds make all of their products with purpose and intention. Above all, they are made with care—and a desire to make you feel your best. You might say Buster and Bunnie started Swamp Rabbit Suds based on a need—a need to find better health and cleansing products that would provide soothing relief and had a calming effect.
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Buster and Bunnie strive to provide the best health and beauty products by using only the finest and most wholesome ingredients. Their goal is to build real relationships with customers, as well as the Upstate community.
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